From a small beginning of two partners in June 1975, Sawyer and Mkushi (S & M) has grown into a sizeable legal practice which is recognised as one of Zimbabwe’s premier law firms. The partners are respectablewell-known personalities in the legal profession. Honour Mkushi (senior and founding partner),Ostern Mutero, Jingini Raphael Tsivama, Nyaradzo Gilbertina Maphosa and Farai Siyakurima supported by several qualified legal assistants. Collectively the firm represents a concentrationof specialist talent and a dynamic team of expertise.

Sawyer and Mkushi is carefully structured and staffed to meet the demands of contemporary commercial and general legal practice. The firm handles all aspects of legal work in Zimbabwe SADC, Africa,The United Kingdom, U.S.A, Singapore and Malaysia, Germany, Spain, France, Australia, China, India, Canada and literally all over the world. There are no restrictions on capacity and ability to handle legal work in any country. The firm also has reputable correspondent law firms in the leading countries of the world. For the reliable and effective cross the partners hold membership in various international law organisations like The Commonwealth Lawyers Association and the International Bar Association and Southern African Commercial Lawyers Association. These associations keep the lawyers abreast of global legal trends especially when dealing with internationally related mandates.

The firm offers a wide portfolio of services ranging from private personal matters to major commercial contracts, acquisitions and take-overs, privatisation and commercial restructures. The firm’s clients include private enterprises, parastatals, conglomerates, governments, non governmental organisations as well as private individuals. Within the practice is an active civil and criminal litigation department. A strong team is dedicated to financial law, securities, labour, energy and property law. checking and networking.

Collectively the firm represents a concentration of special talent and a dynamic team of expertise. S&M brings together experience spaning over four decades which qualifies us for legal advisory services to both the public sector and the corporate world.


From a small beginning of two partners in June 1975, Sawyer and Mkushi (S & M) has grown into a formidable practice in the last 34years. The firm draws its experience from well-known personalities in the legal profession. There are five principals namely, Honour Piniel Mkushi (senior and founding partner), Davison Moses Foroma, Ostern Mutero, Jingini Raphael Tsivama, and Nyaradzo Gilbertina Maphosa supported by several graduate- qualified professional assistants. Collectively the firm represents a concentration of specialist talent and a dynamic team of expertise.


Our mission is to provide the highest standard of professional legal service in the most efficient cost- effective manner.

General Lobbying

The firm will undertake, on behalf of corporate and individual clients strategic and effective lobbying in legal, business and protocol matters.


The firm will engage other experts such as Counsel, medical tax, financial advisors, engineers and technicians when this is necessary.


We have a very sober approach to taking up aggressive marketing trends as we prefer our name and reputation to go ahead of us. We ensure however that our presence is thunderously heard everywhere through our professionalism and consistent good results.

Legal Charges

We encourage prior discussion of the basis of our fees with clients. The quid pro quo for the legal services are the concomitant legal charges but as in our mission we intend to deliver the best service in the most cost effective manner. In addition to the Law Society recommended tariffs for non-itigious work, fees are based on the complexity of the matter on hand and time spent on the matter, the responsibility carried by the practitioner and the substantive benefit to the client. The firm may also enter into specific agreements with clients on fixed fees and mode of payment.

The Law Society

Sawyer and Mkushi is governed by the Law Society of Zimbabwe in the conduct of its legal practice. We subscribe to the highest professional standards of integrity and confidentiality.